Why choose teambuzz for your organization?

Teambuzz is an enterprise social network that can be installed inside your firewall on your own servers. Your information and data stays secure protecting your privacy and your company's competitive advantage, while unleashing your team productivity.


Promote efficiency, knowledge-sharing, and a connected, well-informed work-force


Vastly improve productivity connecting and engaging employees, whether on the road, or on a call with the customer or a prospect.


Reduce meetings, faster collaboration


Speed up knowledge exchange.

Easy to set up and use

Video and File sharing

Simply upload the files with your 140 char posts to share with your team, group or the whole company.


LDAP Integration

TeamBuzz active directory integration allows you integrate seamlessly with your enterprise active directory lowering the barriers to company wide deployment.


Desktop Support

Follow TeamBuzz messages on your desktop. See messages appear in a continuous feed. Post new messages and reply to messages in the feed. Share video, image and file with your tweets. Check threaded view reply.


Twitter, Facebook Integration

TeamBuzz, Twitter integration enables streaming of tweets filtered by pre-defined keywords that are most relevant to your organisation and business. TeamBuzz is also Facebook connect integrated allowing you to optionally share your posts with Facebook community.